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Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

Below are some of the key issues that I want to address as the next Supervisor for Mendocino County; the homeless, water, marijuana cultivation, business, covid-19 and safety. These all affect the way we live and the prosperity of our county.

The Brooktrails Emergency Access

In 2018, I worked with Battalion Chief, Tod Patton of Cal Fire, to establish an access for firefighting vehicles to enter Brooktrails through Firco Road during a forest fire emergency. As an owner of property along Firco Road, I encouraged other property owners to support this plan for Brooktrails. Firco Road has now been approved for fire fighting vehicle access, while Sherwood Road becomes two lanes for residents to escape into Willits. Brooktrails residents have a better option for escaping a forest fire today.

Unfunded Liabilities

This is an obvious financial concern that few dare to mention, but I will. We must manage our past pension contracts better than other municipalities which have already financially failed. I will propose that all elected supervisors will have no pension or benefits once they leave office, including myself.

I can not justify being paid for work that I no longer do. I’m offering my term of service for the benefit of the people of Mendocino County, and to not be a financial burden when my term is over.


The primary purpose of any elected official is to maintain the safety of its citizens. It is good to have the county running smoothly, but if safety is compromised, then other facets of society suffer. For this reason, I will place greater emphasis on ensuring the competent funding of the sheriff’s department and for fire safety.

Mendocino Stability

Helping Mendocino County be sustainable and self-sufficient is the best insurance policy you will ever find. Our local Farmer’s Markets are a big part of that endeavor, of which I greatly encourage. Having a good supply of food, water, and energy are essential to maintaining our infrastructure when the rest of the country has fallen on hard times. We must have sound policies that will allow for Mendocino County to stand by itself. We are individually responsible for the future of our children.


As a business owner, I know first hand the important role of commercial and manufacturing businesses. They provide a tax base and a good source of employment for others. It is in the best interest of Mendocino County to have as many successful businesses as possible. With a bigger tax base, the county can do more for its citizens.


Water has been of great concern for many people in Mendocino County. I support the capturing and wise use of water, as much as possible within state and federal laws. If such laws are punishing or counterproductive to our citizens, I will protect our people and press forward to change the law.

The Homeless

Homelessness is not a housing problem, it’s a human problem. The primary causes are drug addictions and mental illness, yet the homeless make rational decisions on where to live. They tend to move to permissive environments such as found in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Seattle. These cities have all seen their homeless problems get worse with street tent camping and aggressive pan handling.

I see Mendocino County following a similar path and wish to change policies that will not subsidize homeless living. If you subsidize bad behavior, you will get more of it. The de facto legalization of street camping, drug consumption and property crime is not good for the homeless, or Mendocino County. We must have wise policies to adapt to our changing times without bankrupting us in the process.

Every homeless person has a different story and should be dealt with differently. Some leave tons of trash, some create health hazards with defecation, some steal to feed their addictions, some have simply fallen on hard economic times. I am committed to facing these challenges with Mendocino County staff to maintain a safe and clean environment.

A policy of Tough Love works. Different policies bring different results with a mix of compassion and common sense enforcement.

County Reform

As your next 3rd District Supervisor, you can count on me to be active in promoting business and the easing of regulatory burdens. Whether it is a permit delay, a zoning complication, or some unusual problem, I’m here to help make things better.

I invite you to contact me with any county problem you encounter. As an elected representative, I expect to be accountable to the people and to act upon their concerns as quickly as possible. What is good for the people, is good for the county.

Marijuana Cultivation

I support the legal cannabis industry. It is good for Mendocino County to get away from the old black market, illegal growing business model which brought violent crime into our midst. The recreational cannabis industry will not last forever as can already be seen by very low prices being more common.  Many recreational cannabis consumers will not continue at the same level of use in the future.  However, I believe that Cannabidiol (CBD) oils for medical uses will remain as a stable viable market. I expect to see some adjustments in this industry due to State and Federal law changes too.

Because of the poor cannabis growing economic conditions, I envision that some of the cannabis cultivating infrastructure will be converted into growing other agricultural products. I look forward to promoting these products and make business building with Mendocino County as easy as possible.


We must return to normal as quickly as possible on a set date, as our lives have been negatively impacted for far too long. Our economy suffers because of poor decisions in response to this virus. It is wise to close down a country for a month to control a virus, but any longer than a month is not for controlling a virus, but for controlling people.

Issuing mandates for being vaccinated is against the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment of the United States constitution, so I view such measures as flatly illegal.

I think that it is good to keep distant from other people when sick and to wash our face and hands often. 

Masks have very limited effectiveness and must never be worn more than an hour. The moist environment underneath a long worn mask will give rise to other pathogens leading to additional diseases. Exercise reasonable personal caution and return to a normal life quickly.

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